Mineral Owner Records in WV

Are WV mineral owner records readily available online?

Try going to wetzelcountycommission.com and select the Public Info tab and then the Public Records Search tab. Click the disclaimer button and enter the code that comes up and you are in. If you have a full name you can search by the Individual or you can scan through by Book & Page and other options in the menu. Memorandum of leases are filed by name along with Designation of Pooled Units DPU’s referenced by names. It takes a bit of patience to find what you may be looking for but probably can be accomplished without having to visit the county office. Good luck and good hunting. Other WV counties have similar access.

Thanks. It looks like some counties have online records and others don’t. Is that correct?

I believe that is correct. My interests are in Marshall Co and their website is very good.

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