Mineral Owner Education


I’m new here, my family has mineral rights not currently being leased, 3000 acres in Fresno county, and over 300 acres in Kern County. What’s the best way to get educated in all of this? Also should I be reaching out to leasing companies? Is there a way to find agents? Should I act as my own agent? Thanks in advance!


Brian, R u a land man, agent or principal? And where in Fresno County r u looking?


I’m a principal and work with operators in Kansas. I have a client in Fresno that’s highly involved in oil drilling and he is potentially interested in leasing some land to drill a well or two. I don’t have the coordinates but he advised me he’s driven by two recent wells that have been drilled that are flaring gas and that has sparked his interest. Are you aware of any leases available?


We own a lot of mineral rights in Fresno County. Let me know where u r looking.


Can you give me an idea on the cost per acre? We would prefer to be near 17S 17E if possible.


Roger, let me know if you have anything around where we are looking. Thanks.


Sorry. Nothing in 17-17


could you send me a list of what you have available?


I am not interested in giving u this information. Were you ever in Missouri?


Please tell us about Missouri