Mineral Owner Conference this Friday in Austin


An Austin law firm is hosting an all day conference on Friday for just mineral owners. Is anyone planning to attend? Apparently it’s the 5th annual. Have any of you gone in the past?

They have link: http://www.gdhmoilandgas.com


These types of conferences can be very helpful. I know Jack Fleet and Allen Gilmer. Jack is a mineral owner and on the forum. Also past President of TX NARO and board member of OK NARO. Allen Gilmer founded Drilling Info.


Hmmm interesting, I might have to stop by since I live in Austin. Thanks for the heads up.


I may try to go as well. $25 sounds very reasonable. Much less than I’ve seen for other mineral classes/events.


I would have liked the option to attend via live stream. Mr. McFarland’s update on Allocation wells would be very interesting.


I’m interested in allocation wells explained also. One of the speakers has his own site which has a few articles on the topic. Some of it over my head though.