Mineral Owner Change of Address in County Records

My mother has 16 acres of mineral rights in sec 1-7N-11W. Her last 3 year contract expired 2 years ago. She is in a Senior assisted living facility and changed address in the past year (so no longer forwarding mail). I would like to reach out to leasing companies on her behalf but not sure where to start. Do any of you have suggestions? Thanks Ron

You should put a change of address notice of record with the county clerk.

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There has been no leasing in that township since 2019 and none in that section since 2017. If her name and a contact address are filed with the clerk of deeds in Caddo county, then that is where landmen start their searches. Not an interesting area at this time.

You may want to explore getting a power of attorney if she is or will shortly be unable to manage her affairs. In addition, you may want to explore probate avoidance estate planning for when she passes. Visit with an elder law estate planning attorney where your mother resides and be sure to mention the need to plan for the minerals. Many non-oil patch attorneys are unfamiliar with the need to fund minerals.

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Ron, Usually there is not a need for you to contact the Oil companies — they contact you!!!

However they need to know your contact information, and that is why YOU need to file a Change of ADDRESS notice with County Clerk.

The land men usually will not do any searching other than look at the documents filed with the county Clerk to find your Mothers ADDRESS.

Usually if you call the County Clerk they have a form which is recommended for that County for an address Change — but if not – I just usually just file a copy of one someone else filed – changing the names a land description – of course — check at your local County Clerk office for an example.of one to copy…

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Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your responses to my question- very helpful!

@Ron_Zipprich Todd’s answer above (file a simple notice of current address) in any county where she may own minerals.

Also, regarding approaching oil companies to lease your property. It is true about 99% of the time: Don’t call us, we’ll call you. When/if an oil company wants to develop or explore your property, they’ll do a pretty good job of finding those they need to find. This is not 100% true, but it’s close. Their motivation is to avoid having to deal with a mineral owner after they’ve already found the hydrocarbon. They’re “over a barrel” then. :grinning:

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