Mineral offer $1250-2000 Carter County


TG Sanders

I’ve got an offer for $1250-2000 per mineral acre in Carter county. RoughRiders LLC. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Sect 7 2S 2W I received a lease offer from Bison solutions out of Norman, OK. I had heard there was new business going on up there. Does anyone know if $1,500/acre with 1/5th royalty is going rate, good/bad/ugly? Lease says they will pay within 30 business days. Doesn’t sound too promising to me?? Anyone have any experience with them?


Sounds low. Echo is planning to drill here. How many acres do you own?


Do not hand over a lease without getting a check. You can get a bank, attorney or accountant to hold the signed lease. Send a copy of the signed lease with COPY DO NOT FILE in HUGE letters across every page and especially across the signature. When the leasing company shows up with a cashier’s check, then the third party hands over the lease.

If you are brand new, then read the Mineral Help tab above, read over all the discussions in Grady county over the last six months to get up to speed.


Oops, meant to say Carter County. It is really heating up, so some good discussions have already begun which may help you.


Echo has four pending cases at the OCC http://imaging.occeweb.com/imaging/OAP.aspx 201802081



201802250 Pooling. Watch this one! Has a time deadline of 20 calendar days on it when the order comes out. If you choose not to lease, then you can choose a bonus/royalty pair from the pooling. I usually pick the highest royalty and lowest bonus.


We’ve actually had luck with companies allowing us to email a scanned copy of the signed lease, marked as M Barnes suggests, and holding the original until the bonus is received. Not every company will go for it, but it never hurts to ask.


I’ve also done that Christine except I faxed the executed copy


I received offer from MK&P Energy, whom I have never heard of, for $2250 @ 3/16ths, $2000 @ 20% and $1750 @ 22% on Sept 20 - for 24-3S-1W. Tried to get in touch with them. Finally got a call back last week. They said the are “re-evaluating”. Who knows?


A contract places an obligation on both parties to perform… The lessor should not be required to perform until the lessee has fulfilled his obligation. Don’t let any lease broker or landman tell you otherwise. Keep fighting the good fight.