mineral leasing rates

First time to post. I received a cold call from someone that would like to lease my mineral rights. 6-9n-10e ne/4 sw/4 and se/4 sw/4. When I look up these sections it is 80 acres but according to him they are stating 45 NMA's for both sections. Does any one know why they are not the same? And does this give them complete control of all 80 acres to drill on?

1) Your first offer is probably low to a final offer. Also, make sure you get a good lease and exhibit A. Come back if you need help on that.

2) The descriptions are for a gross set of acres which probably goes back to an original patent. Your deed may be for less due to fractionation by handing down through generations and probate.

3) The lease will only give them control over what you actually own. Given where that acreage is, it will probably be for a horizontal well and all 640 acres will need to get leased or pooled.

So what is a good offer for mineral rights leasing in this area??? I know there was a producing gas well on this section and they closed it down due to it not being economical.

Folks on the forum who have had offers may share. Generally, lease data is private. However, pooling hearings are public and the last poolings in that township had $200 for 3/16 in sections in the southern half.


This may help you a bit.

Works better if you open it in Chrome.

I have some acreage in Hughes and am not rushing into any leases at the moment unless I am close to being force pooled.

I also attached a Hughes map so you can see where you are with respect to the article.

408-HughesCountyMap.pdf (410 KB)