Mineral Lease Section 6-8N-4W

I have been approached to lease my minerals 3/16 royalties and $2,000 an acre bonus. Can anyone tell me if this is a good offer? They initially offered me $1,100 an acre.

Scott- your area is heating up, thats why they went up on the price. You should be able to negotiate a better per acre bonus and ask for a 1/5th royalty (20%) vs a 3/16 ( 18.75). Also ask for a debth clause, no deductions, and shut in clause.

That’s low.

Thank you. The company is 89 Energy. You think they would give 3k @ 3/16?

i am signing a lease at this time for 4000 an acre and 1/5 royalties with no deductions

You're at the top of the township which seems to be going a bit lower than the south half. Still a lower offer though. 8N-4W has had some good prices as of 2017.

We leased in 8N-4W at $4500 per acre with 1/5 in June