Mineral lease information

Can someone please tell me what companies are making lease offers in Reeves county. In and around the section 270 Block 13 area. I am out of state, which makes it a little difficult to find out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

We leased to Rosetta Resources in this section in early 2018 for $10,000 per net mineral acre, ¼ royalty, two year lease on a mutually acceptable lease.

Primexx, Noble-Permian, Oxy, Colgate, Diamondback, RKI, to name just a few with producing leases in that area.

,Reeves county, Tx :sunglasses::rofl::rainbow::stars::heart:

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Thank you. I wish I was back there just to see what’s happening on that section and block that I recently found out about. No crystal ball though


Noble-Permian bought out Rosetta Resources, so now your lease is with Noble.

, Reeves county, Tx :sunglasses::rofl::rainbow::stars:

Thanks for the information Lawrence.

Hello Lawrence! My property N half of W half of section 277, block 13, lot 13 and lot 18, H&GN Reeves county. I am out the state. I would like to know any activity in this area. Thank you. John

We did a lease a few months back for $12K nma and heard Noble was offering $20K nma now. Ours was section 272

Please any activity at block 13, section 277?

Nothing new, just the existing 5 Centennial wells. Last one online mid-2017.

I’m 270 block 13. Turned down very low offer. Hard for me here in Florida to know exactly what’s happening but I’m not desperate, stupid, or giving it away. So I’ll wait

Great decision.

Clint Liles

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What amount was the low offer you declined and by whom? thx!


5000 by Shaw. Shame on them😊 . I’m sure they were successful on some poor souls that really didn’t know any better and needed the money. They offered just before Christmas. Doesn’t speak much for character. Heck maybe there is none in this business but I choose to be positive and see the good. Makes life a happier place. I’m truly blessed.

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Base on the map, which is here. I see the pipeline go over my property which is located at the N half of the W half of section277, block13, lot 13 and lot 18 Am I right?

You will continue to post to this forum You are a valuable asset to all of us. For Heavens Sake - you just got out of the hospital. POST AWAY - the rest be damned



There were not any pipelines on that map. Here is similar map (Sec 277 highlighted) with whatever pipeline info was available in DrillingInfo basic. (in red or puke green). Maybe that helps.

Delilah, when you say they offered $5000…they offered to buy your leased minerals, which are already leased at 1/Xth for $5000 per mineral acre? OR they offered to lease your minerals for $5000 per mineral acre? Or something else? I guess as far as a story, it likely doesn’t matter, $5000 is too low for any of those, just trying to relate this to frame of mind for leasing or buying here. Thanks.