Mineral lease in Laramie Co

Is there any new activity in Laramie Co. We have 320 acres in 18N, 65W. Section 28. We have been offered a lease of $250 per acre for 5 yrs. with 1/6 royalties. Has anyone else received offers in that area? What is a good offer?

Dear Carol, I too own a half section in Laramie Co just north of Cheyenne. I have not recd any offers yet. May I ask who made the offer to you ?

Surprise Valley Resources in Houston, TX

Hi Carol, I stand corrected. Believe it or not yesterday an outfit called Bur Oak called me and offered me $75.00 / acre for 4 yrs w/2 yr option. My lawyer says this offer is not worth responding to. My land has not had a lease on it since last October.

That is an interesting comment from your lawyer since the minerals have not been leased in over a year. Burr Oak appears to be a broker, likely trying to flip a lease to another party, but I wouldn’t say their offer is not worth responding to. I would, however, try to figure out who is leasing in the area and shop it around.

I have to agree with MaxRoyalty above. I pulled the records and was able to find your area. I pulled the last leases as well. There hasn’t been leasing since June of 2018. Your last lease was originally signed in 2010. The fact that there are no new leases in a year and half says quite a lot. So not sure why your attorney would suggest you not to reply. Its common for a company to do leasing on behalf of another. I would at least respond with a counter, the most they can do is say no. From the looks of things, there may not be many options in that area at this time, and for much of the near future.

Hi Carol, My portion of mineral interest in Laramie County was leased approximately 2 years ago. I received Division Orders last year and we currently have 3 producing wells. I am located 16N, 63W Section 18 I believe we have abit of activity in this immediate area.

Thank you for the information. Do you know of other wells in the area? What company is your lease with? We had a lease with Noble Energy a few years ago but no one has shown interest in it until now and I would like to know what offers other people are getting.

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