Mineral lease in Karnes county

Hello, I've inherited mineral right in the L Menchaca Grant, A-5. have been contacted to lease and am waiting on the lease papers. I don't know who owns this land which consists of 226 acres. I know it depends on where this land is located as to how much leases are going for. also, one mineral owner has stated that they want a huge amount for their share and have a lawyer on hand to negotiate the lease. any help would be greatly appreciated. I monitor this site daily for information and it has helped me quite a bit. thanks to all.

I would go to the Karnes County Appraisal District. They are set up by Maps and Plats. You can point on a map and they should be able to tell you who the current surface owners are. If that is what you are wanting. You could take that name to the Karnes County Clerk Office, look under Grantee Index to see who they purchased from and back from there. Are go to Title Company in Karnes County, their records are set up by abstracts. They will have a fee for service most likely If you have a lawyer that person may have personal knowledge of you interest and the location. Good Luck