Mineral lease in duval county

Hi. We recently signed a lease contract with Venado Drilling for our ranch in Duval county (in between Freer and San DIego in Texas. My question is, is anyone on here in contract with them? Does anyone know of any other companies looking to lease in this area? Is this part of the Eagle Ford Shale or is it another shale? Thank for all of your help in advance.


Venado Drilling approached me with an oil lease, I imagine it was the same lease as well. My land is in the same general area. I chose not to sign it. The land man, Jonny, never replied to an email I had with questions I had about the lease as it was written and he gave me a dead line of January 1, after only hearing about the lease a few weeks prior. In fact, he never replied or acknowledge reciept of the email I sent him regarding passing on the lease offer!

I felt very rushed into making such a serious decision and I was not too pleased with his lack of response to my correspondence, so I passed. I will be keeping track of what is happening with their test wells and where the do decide to drill. Good luck to you. I hope it works out!

Interesting. I felt he didn't really care one way or another if I signed the lease and didn't make much of an effort with it at all. I know he is just a representative for Venado, however, I took it to heart and I certainly did not want to continue working with someone that was so uninterested in MY CONCERNS REGARDING MY LAND.

As far as I am concerned, Jonny is Venado, Venado is Jonny and if this is how Venado will be with their correspondence...

He also told me there was no room for discussion or changes to the lease. Really, no negotions at all? It all sounded pretty shady to me. A lot of my family signed the lease without even consulting an attorney to review the "fine print". I did and I did not like all the "fine print" either.

I wish you good luck and I am sure it will be a good venture for you. The bottom line is, the oil is there now (and they have the technology to get it out of the ground) or it isn't. Let them do their test wells. If they find "gold", I am sure if not Venado, then someone will be interested enough to contact me again.

Good luck to you.
Felicia Gonzalez said:

Thank you for responding. Our landman was Chris. I must say he always answered his phone and responded to emails quickly. I guess every landman is different. I'm sorry for your experience.

Well, according to jonny, its past the january 1st deadline and those were what Venado told him, thus, Venado made the cut off date, not jonny. but sure, why not. it certainly doesnt hurt. I'm going to send you a friend request and that way we can email one another directly, how's that sound?

And so now, with no response from the land man, I am goign to send Venado a hard copy of the emails I sent the land man and let them know directly that i did not sign the lease and that they do not have rights to access my land in any way without written permission from me. Overall, it was not a very unpleasant experince, it was just a very fast 'take it or leave it' experience I chose to leave.


If I were you I would definitely be contacting Felicia's landman and go from there. Good luck on your lease.

Clint Liles

Thanks Clint. I appreciate your comment. I will be getting that information from Felicia.