Mineral Lease in Dewey County

I’ve got some minerals open for lease in 5-19N-16W and 20-19N-16W, Dewey Co., Okla. Is there any activity in the area and what are current bonus options. Thanks, GB

There is active leasing by various companies in sections 4 & 11 near you. Offers are not public. A pooling by Crawley in sec 34 in early 2022 was for $600 1/8, $500 3/16th, $400 1/5 to give a general idea. A bit too far away to be certain. Continental was leasing in section 20 in early 2021. Make sure your name and address are properly filed in the county courthouse.

Thanks Martha, my how times (and bonuses) have changed since I leased five years ago.

Competition is quite different than a few years ago, hence the lower bonus offers.