Mineral Lease for Loving County, TX

I am trying to find the going rate for mineral leases in Loving County.

Legal Description/Location? Have seen bonus offers up to over $9,500.

  • Sec. 79, BLK 33 (Abstract - 7) – Loving County, TX

We’ve been offered $7,500 per acre bonus.

Looks like Matador has permitted 3 horizontal wells in the SW end of this section. There are some old verticals spread throughout. The RRC is not up today so I can’t get particulars on the wells. Matador has drilled several successful horizontal’s just to the north in A-8 and A-48. I am not that familiar with this area of Loving so I don’t know what is being offered for bonus. You might want to see if someone more familiar with this area has any thoughts. I have seen offers over $9,000 in other Blocks so I don’t think I would start at less than $10,000/acre. I would not accept less than 25% royalty.

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