Mineral lease Block C-18

My lease expired a year ago, and have not heard anything going on in Block C-18. Anyone know of any new leases in the area? Seems as though there is some producing wells in the block.

Same with us. Our lease expired last year in 2020 due to everything going on. Our mineral rights are in Section 5, BLK C-18. With oil prices back up hopefully there will be renewed activity & interest soon!

The last activity I see for Reeves County Block C-18 is in Section 20… http://webapps2.rrc.state.tx.us/EWA/drillingPermitDetailAction.do?methodToCall=searchByUniversalDocNo&universalDocNo=494302393&rrcActionMan=H4sIAAAAAAAAAL1Ru27DMAz8mnQUJNkOnIGDUaRzH0EzGBkUm3AEyJZByWgL6ONLuyiQOp2z8Y6n45FKSkrQSUkF6oGoqZpo_fDaUFvLEyz8B57NOAYtuC1CNBFF_BRT2GRVKVmhYaOf9seKy2wuW7LO2aF7RuptDC8T0tePrWg9i3LoMV58e_CPxjkmCiCMEw0H_4aGmgtTJcibNHVYuhV1QYyGTP9u3IRLSM6Qlbtsl-tyRgWcsbNDONo4m7HbH6z0Cl_rV2PV_Y4Qfpffwmg6pKsl_72IOtVr3RwWVNKgZMr4W3OQqWBiy8Tt67vc8xvjj7c1YQIAAA This well was spud(begin drilling) on June 8, 2021…

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Thanks Clint ! There may have been some older LUXE operating LLC activity in Sec 2 or Sec 11 with the well called Angels Envy. I hope to see more. :smiley:

In case you haven’t heard, MDC who was active in C-18 finally completed their bankruptcy reorganization. Part of it involved Luxe buying MDC’s interest in properties where they had been in partnership but Luxe had been the operator. Luxe, who had also gone through bankruptcy, was acquired by Colgate. That well Clint posted was originally permitted by Luxe and then changed to Colgate.

May be wishful thinking but I feel like each of these steps should be positive. The MDC mess is resolved and Luxe is now in stronger hands. Hopefully that will result in new activiity.

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I agree !! Also, I have a MDC installed pipeline running North/South down the edge of my acreage and I am trying to find out who now owns the lease. I am in Sec 4, SE 1/4, W/2. MDC has not responded to my queries. Maybe I should try Luxe.

From what I read in the bankruptcy filings a company called Maple Energy Holdings acquired all of MDC’s assets except those that were in partnership with Luxe.

Maple Energy appears to be a holding company one of MDC’s primary lenders used to acquire MDC’s assets at auction, and isn’t an established operator. So more ownership changes will probably be coming.

Wow, this is getting interesting. Lots of research to do to chase down some of these activities. I have worked with Tomahawk Land Resources in past leases so I’ll see what they know. Thanks to all respondents. I love this communication site. All the best