Mineral Interests Lea

we have been offered$250 an acre for 3 year lease with 20% and 2 yr option in TWP 10S and very small interest in T25S. Does anyone know other companies offering a higher lease amount? Thanks


If you are in the right sections, the offer could be only 5% of what is fair. Location, Location, Location.

Even the questionable edges of the Delaware basin are worth much much more than your offer.

I believe the larger interest Sec 8 is north of Hobbs. Thanks for your input. Actually close to the Roosevelt County line. We have solicited other offers.

in fact I think the large one is right on the line with Roosevelt County.

There is a large, old field in the area. It is very interesting what is going on below that field.

Send me a personal message with section township and range and I'll try to help you figure things out.

Gary L Hutchinson

Minerals Managment