Mineral interest

I have mineral interest in Reeves Co. that I know nothing about…Location is Section 305, Block 13, H&GN Survey…is there anyone out there that can help me find any and all information on thIs property? Your help is already greatly appreciated. Thank You Kate

It looks like a horizontal oil well was drilled in 2013 and has produced 82,000 bbl of oil and 106,000 mcf of gas. It is drilled into the Wolfcamp formation.


The operator is
1401 17TH STREET SUITE 1000
DENVER, CO 80202


Your minerals are about 3 miles North of Interstate 10.

GIS Map of Reeves County Section 305/Blk.13/A-341:

Link to Production Data on well 33638 that Kitchen mentioned:


Clint Liles

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Hi! IPad recharged soooo…I do believe someone (not you or mr. Kitchen) must have gotten wrong info, cause when I was able to click on to the links ya’ll sent with your reply it showed owners of that well “WASN’T ME”…Got my info from Minerals & Royalties company that was interested in buying minerals they said I owned according to courthouse records in Reeves Co…A little confused but will try to find more info on this matter… I bid you a good night…KM. .??? that pump jack okay? .?.

Hi, Kate!

I don't think anything that Kitchen or Clint sent you would have your name on it (or not on it). That information would not be available in the Railroad Commission's (RRC) Records (the links they sent you). It would only be available either from the company or, if your interests are appraised at being valued at over $400.00, through the County Appraisal District.

You wrote that you owned an interest in Section 305. Have you received an offer to buy it or something? The reason I ask is that most companies and people buying mineral interests or royalty interests are above board and legit but occasionally you run into one that knows something you don't and that's not playing nice.

For example, I have a Client Family that received an offer in the mail to buy their royalty interests in Howard County, Texas. Royalty interests that they didn't even know they owned (they had inherited it). The company offered each of the 2 Sisters $1,600.00 and their Father's Widow (2nd Wife) $3,200.00.

When the family contacted me and asked whether I thought that was a fair offer, I noted to them how some unscrupulous companies know that people have royalties being held "in suspense" (not being paid for any number of reasons) by an Operating Company and the people offering to buy their interests are, in essence, attempting to buy their mineral or royalty interests using their own money.

I took a look at my Client Family's Royalty Interests and, sure enough, they are owed over $320,000.00 in royalties being held in suspense. The $6,400.00 the Creep Company had offered them was about 2% of what they are truly owed! An Attorney and I are now working with the family to recover their money.

I couldn't find anything in the Reeves County Appraisal District Records under the name Milch. Do you know what name the interests would be listed under? A maiden name, maybe? Either way, I will give Reeves County a call Monday morning. They might not have their Mineral Tax Rolls online.

And do you know the legal description of the specific lands you own an interest in? Is it in the entire Section? Maybe the percentage or decimal interest of how much interest you own in the lands?

If so, can you send me that information? If you would like to send it privately, please accept my invitation to become A Friend on The Forum and send it to me that way.

The reason I am asking is that I took a look at the Hoefs Trust No. 1 Well in the Western part of Section 305 (see the attached pdf files) that Kitchen and Clint sent you information about and it appears to me that if you are included in that Well, whatever your percentage or decimal interest (share) of the royalties is, it is in a great deal of money. Something over $6,000,000.00 and the Well is still producing!

Not only that, at some point a company (perhaps Centennial, perhaps another) could drill at least 3 additional Wells in the Section. And that's to just the single formation that the Hoefs Trust No. 1H is producing from, the Wolfcamp. Wells could be drilled to other formations as well.

If anyone has sent you an offer to buy your interests, they may be trying rip you off in exactly the same way a company was trying to rip off my clients.

Either way, consulting an Attorney is always advisable in these situations. If you don't have one, I can suggest a few very qualified Texas Oil and Gas Attorneys to you.

Hope this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas


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I truly appreciate your comments and compliments and your continued support of my humble efforts here on The Forum. I return the same to you.

But ALL OF THE PEOPLE who offer and provide information, advice and support to the "Civilians" that post questions and ask for advice on The Forum should be just as equally be thanked and appreciated.

There are a WHOLE LOT of people out there without our knowledge and experience that need to know how to protect themselves from the Predators that are out there. And they are myriad.

One thing that I want everyone who ever reads this "thread" to know is that whenever any of the "Perps" out there claim to be Landmen, it literally makes me Heartsick.

None of us will ever be able to cure all of the failings of the world, but I do appreciate and respect all of you that respond to people's questions or asking for advice on The Forum for helping the few that we can.

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Hello Mr Tooke111 …it is 5:15a.m. Monday morn…I have tried five(5) times to get my reply to you since Sunday afternoon and I am seriiously thinking about taking this worthless piece of APPLE outside with a 22 and putting it out of my misery!!! Before I lose you again OMG I just nearly did…got to hurry…courthouse records names may be Jack Hulen, Crenshaw, Barbra J Crenshaw , my uncle & my sister both died…I was sole beneficiary…found a lease agreement for Barbra & Eagle oil Co dated 2006 for sec 305 blk 13 at 1/8 (20% Royalty interest…have no idea who we inherited it from cause it’s not listed in the original trust…I’m going to write later. “Surf’s for Four” …Thank You!!!


Charles stated one of the most important comments in regards to your interest. The fact is that only one well has been drilled to one formation. In this area, there are many productive formations, which means the likelihood that your interest will be drilled many times over the next few decades is very good. I would highly consider keeping an interest as valuable as this, especially when there are likely some good royalties already accumulated and held in suspense, waiting to be paid to you.

morning Mr Kitchen...now using a lap top so can communicate again...First, I wouldnt even consider selling my interest...just found it , keeping it!..on the lease with Eagle oil it says it leasing South-eighty acres of the East-half of SECTION 305, BLOCK13, H&GN RR Co. Survey dated June 5th, 2006.... im going to assume they never drilled or did and couldnt find oil and pluged the well since there have never been any checks , except for abonus ck for $99.00 dollars..Why put money in suspense when we were so easy to find? I guess Im saying all this as afollow-up to all the info you, Mr Liles and Mr.Tooke have so kindly found for me...Plus I havent had this much fun in a loooong time!!!.....HEY..I got a backyard skunk and a REALLY BIG goldfish,,,SURF & TURF!!!??? What say you? lol..lol..lol kM


Your minerals are in a very good area for future production. I checked Completion Reports on 4 wells in the area and they all came in as good oil and gas producers. You definitely want to hang on to these minerals.

Well 34172--766 BOPD/526,000 MCF Gas per day

Well 34104--206 BOPD/196,000 MCF Gas per day

Well 33942--513 BOPD/176,000 MCF per day

Well 33661--619 BOPD/619,000 MCF per day

And no wells have been drilled on your minerals.

GIS Map showing location of your 80 acres in the southern part of the Eastern half of Section 305:

Clint Liles


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Please see the attached. It is the Plat (Map) of the 320 acre proposed Unit for the Hoefs Trust No. 1H Well which covers the West Half (W/2) of Section 305.

If Clint's determination of where your lands are located, you do not appear to be included in the Hoefs Trust No. 1H's Unit.

That may be why you are not listed in the Reeves County Mineral Tax Rolls under the Hoefs Trust No. 1H.

Have you filed need to file in Reeves County to bring title from your Uncle and Sister down to you? If not, you need to do so.

And unless you really need to, like for a medical emergency or to put a kid through college or something: DO NOT SELL YOUR INTERESTS!

Hope this helps -



Morning Charles…thank you much for the new info…I’m just dumbstruck how total strangers give so much of their time ,energy and knowledge without monetary gain… Please know and believe I will never sell my interest…I’m so very fortunate and I will and can make sure it stays in my family…I had a thought about sec 305…seems peculiliar all the other drilling done and they’re good wells why hasn’t my 80 acres been drilled? Eagle oil had a lease agreement on it in 2006 and if it hasn’t been renewed, is that 80 acres just a forgotten and overlooked piece of MAYBE valuable dirt? Just seems strange to me…Got to go meet a man about some lumber , so again Thank You and have a peaceful afternoon…KM

We didn't mention our Invoices?

With Oil selling as less than $50 a barrel and Natural Gas for less than $4 an MCF, there is not much drilling going on anywhere in the country. A great many companies are just barely hanging on, many being forced to seek Bankruptcy Protection to avoid going completely out of business.

Reeves County, however, is one of the exceptions, so you may see something happen soon.

Morning Charles…What invoices?..Also , I’m showing my ignorance, but how do u get in or have someone join u on the " friends request" thing…