Mineral Interest Tracking Spreadsheet?

Does anyone have a good mineral interest (or royalty) tracking spreadsheet? Or free website? I don't own enough to justify paying for it, but would like to keep everything well documented and organized.

Hi, Danna -

Most company websites have links to pages where you can track your data and possibly download it into Excel or other types of spreadsheets for free.



Set up two data bases to meet you needs. A PARCEL STATUS DB by State, county, parcel and another for WELL DATA by parcel and API number. Post data to them periodically using subcategories that suit your needs. From the two data bases, you can sort and transfer to spread sheets for analysis at will. Commercial programs are so detailed that you soon become a slave to data input for no logical reason. Remember that your data input is the only data input that is reliable.

Gary L Hutchinson

Minerals Managment

Thank you for asking this and thank you for the replies. I've been wondering about this myself. Good info.

There seems to be such a need for this, I will post the one that I developed on Excel for my use. Give me a couple of days to make sure that I have a clean copy with no hidden identifiers and I will blog post it here.


Buddy Cotten

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Buddy, you rock! Look forward to your Excel post. I know there are many others on the forum that will appreciate it also. Linton

Everything Buddy adds to The Forum Rocks. Just don't tell him I said so or it will go to his head.

Thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing it too! I have created one, but I'm sure I'm missing some things and perhaps it could be better organized! I have zero experience so I'd love to learn from you (and everyone else).

Are you referring to the operator's websites? Neither of mine have this info, so I'll have to look elsewhere. I have something basic, but I'm sure it could be more sophisticated. Maybe it'll evolve with my knowledge and experience.

Wow, I more ignorant than I realized. What is a parcel status? I do know how to create a database and can see the benefit of having the two you suggested.

Mabe my issue is how to track/document mineral interest vs the wells (and associated info) that are contained in that interest.

Perhaps the solution is two-fold. Maybe I have a spreadsheet to keep track of the details of what I own and another (database or spreadsheet) to keep track of production data.

Great idea!!!

It is never a bad idea to keep track of Production Data, but many Royalty Owners don't realize that it is Sales Data that their royalties are based upon, not Production Data. That can lead to confusion.

Interesting distinction. So, when I get my royalty check, what should I be checking? Or is checking not even necessary? Maybe I'm just thinking I need to do something because other people do it.

I'm certain that some of the others may be able to help you with the subject, but I have only owned small overriding royalties from time to time and have never really had the need to check the records against those.

Your check stubs will reflect what was sold. You may be able to reconcile those figures with what is available online at the State's Websites, but sometimes the numbers don't "jive" like you would think they should.

One reason for that may be that here in Texas the Comptroller of Public Accounts requires that Sales and Values be reported monthly, whereas the RRC allows companies up to 90 days to report Production figures.

There are both individuals and companies, such as Banks that manage mineral and royalty interests for people and Trusts. They have much more experience is reviewing check stubs and comparing production figures and taxation rates than I do.

I can introduce you to one is you would like.

Buddy - were you able to post this? I can't find it.


Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your wife. Please, don't worry about this at all - It's not important. Just focus on your wife. Again, I'm so sorry for all your pain.

Not able to find the file. Was it ever posted? Thanks so much for all you do on here.