Mineral interest to royalty

I have been offerred a lease on my mineral interest from Newfield. I accepted the paperwork and have sent it in as I did do some research. My personal interest seems to be quite small but whenever I pose any question to either Newfield or Wolcott LLC, I get inuendoed threats.

Like, "continued interest may result in a stay of royalty disbursement payments", HUH?

Is that lay for, "if you dont stop asking questions we will not pay the royalties"?

As the Wolcott rep has made at least one mistake in the lease terms agreement, I felt it nescessary to look into the matter. I have found that they, (Wolcott/Newfield), seem very willing to leave out many pertinent rules and/or issues.

Do any others in the MRF have concerns?

For help with this you should contact one of these men:
Hyrum Winterton, Alan Smith, or Leroy Pectol. They all live in the Roosevelt, Utah area

All are members of the Utah Royalty Owners Association and are more than willing to help guide you through this process.

Don’t be in a hurry to sign anything.

Keep us posted on your findings — good luck

John...how would you go about contacting any of those men?