Mineral interest question

Hi all… My grandfather’s minerals were finally probated and separated to the heirs last week. I have 1/4 which is 20 acres from the split. My minerals were forced pooled 2 1/2years ago and I was sent a division order this week which said my mineral royalty interest is 0.00625000. Is that 4 acres? I am in section 14 26N 16 west. E/2 sw/4 and w/2 se/4. It was 80 acres total. New to this, could someone explain why it’s so much less than I thought and am I only getting a lease payment for those acres and not the full 20? Minerals only. I read that sometimes the unit doesn’t include all the acres?if not Who else might be involved? Also we have some unclaimed funds from my grandads previous life that needs to be dealt with. Please help me understand! I have called the company and no one picks up the phone on a Tuesday morning. Much thanks from me and my siblings.

I’m guessing that a 20% royalty interest was selected and the spacing unit was 640. If that is correct than your decimal is correct for your interest in the unit. At least by my calculations this means that you you have 20 acres.

Thank you so much. A lot to learn!