Mineral Interest Offers - Culberson County

My family received an offer for our mineral interests that was more aggressive than the one's we usually get - this one was north of $10k/ac. The consensus among the family was to solicit the best offer possible and sell. Our minerals are in and around Blk 45, PSL and presently are under lease to Three Rivers. Am looking for help and advice as to how to move forward in getting competitive offers.

Thank you

Hey Steve,

Sent you a friend request, would love to help out.


I would need complete legal description, i.e. Section #, Block #, Abstract # to give you an accurate evaluation of your mineral interest.

You can call me at

We have also received a recent offer to sell mineral rights in Section 4, Blk 58 T2S. Wondering if you received any additional offers? My mom was approached recently and just received another offer today.


I also own in that section and was approached several months ago via phone call. I bet we were approached by the same company.

Sorry for the delay.

Yes, we are in talks, but thank you for the inquiry.


May I ask what the offers have been $ ?