Mineral interest in tract 8 of 16-12N-10W

I am getting letters from Centennial Land Company verifying my interest in tract 8, 16-12N-10W, Canadian County. We had received a notice last year that they planned to drill a horizontal well through this section. This letter refers to MISSISSIPIAN, WOODFORD AND HUNTON FORMATIONS. Citizen Energy III, LLC is the drilling company as far as I know. Does anyone know if they have done this well, or what? I only have ,096499% and there seems to be 372.575acres in the whole tract. I have no idea what this means, but perhaps I have about 35 acres of mineral interest. It is leased already. Can someone advise us.

ARE YOU REFERRING TO A division order???

If the document says Division Order at the top, then the well is finished. Does it say Braveheart #1H-16-9?

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No, it isn’t a division order. Centennial is just making sure our % are correct. They had questions as my late husband’s grandmother’s conveyance deed was not clear to them. These minerals have gone through several probates and conveyance since she died. So, I have no idea if the %is correct. I plan to call them and tell them that it is correct as far as I can tell. It seems to be in relation to some of the other more favored step descendants.

No, I haven’t gotten anything about Bravehart #1H-16-9. I will keep that as a note, though, if I need to dig deeper into this.

Ask them for a copy of the paragraph of the title opinion that pertains to your ownership. That may clarify the path of title over the years.


This well has been completed & is producing. I was on the location about 45 days ago and is definitely producing. I haven’t received a DO on this well either.