Mineral interest available in Yoakum County

As of February 11, 2017, I will have net mineral acres for lease. Please notify me of who or what companies that might be interested in an oil & gas lease. The description is:

east 240.92 acres of section 265 block D, John H Gibson Survey in Yoakum County.

Also, if you could notify me of the standard amount per net mineral acre bonus consideration, three year paid-up, and a ¼ royalty interest

That is pretty far east. Your lease that is expiring was taken for a Devonian play that Anadarko Petroleum put together in ~2012. Unfortunately they drilled two dry holes in the area and walked away. Some San Andres players are leasing near there but like I said it is pretty far east so you likely will see lower (~$200ish) lease bonuses as opposed to the $400-$500 numbers you see in the parts west. If you add me as a friend I can give you name of a landman who was leasing nar there several months ago. Not sure if he still is.

Thank you for your response.

The abstract is 1729 if that makes any difference.