Mineral interest available in Jack County

I have mineral interest in Jack County available to lease: 355 acres abstract 315 John Jacobs survey . Who should I contact?

I have some also and can contact other mineral owners totaling 1/2 the minerals as well if you get a contact.


The last activity I find in the area of your minerals was to the South/Southeast in Abstract 915. G & F Oil Co., Inc had an approved permit(API 237-40450) to drill the Marble Falls, Ellenberger, and Barnet Shale formations. That permit was approved October 13, 2016. So far I find no spud(begin drilling)date or completion report for that well.


Clint Liles

My family has the following 120 acres mineral rights for lease in Jack County.

> Land Description situated in Northwest corner of Barnett Shale - Jack

> County, Texas:


> Being 120 acres of the John Jacobs Survey, Abstract No. 315, and

> described as follows:

> Beginning at a pile of stone on the North line of said Jacobs

> Survey, a Post Oak bears South 70' West 8-1/2 varas, same being the

> Northeast corner of 150 acres conveyed to J. N. Craig by J. M. Wright

> and wife by deed recorded in Vol. 33, Page 594, of the Deed Records of

> Jack County, Texas;

> Thence West at 250 varas, the South side of the Post Oak and

> Newport public road, at 532.3 varas, corner in said road, in the North

> line of said Jacobs Survey, a Post Oak 20 inches in diameter bears

> North 17' 30" West

> 22.2 varas, another Post Oak 18 inches in diameter bears South 51' 30"

> West

> 25.7 varas;

> Thence with said road South 73' West 233 varas to corner in same,

> Post Oak 20 inches in diameter bears South 76' East 12.5 varas;

> Thence with center of said road, South 79' 22" West 328 varas

> corner in same, Post Oak 15 inches in diameter bears South 65' 45"

> East 19.6 varas, another Post Oak 8 inches in diameter bears South 68' 35" East 18.3 varas;

> Thence East with the North line of a tract now owned by J. E.

> Waldrop 1077.6 varas to the Southeast corner of said 150 acre tract;

> Thence North 664 varas to the place of beginning.


> Please advise if you are interested as soon as possible as we are

> entertaining other offers at this time on that property. If you choose

> to contact me by phone, please call 940-235-9713 Please leave message and I will contact you.

Thank you.



> Jan Bowles Pearce

> 4411 Call Field Road

> Wichita Falls, TX 76308


Any update on finding someone to lease the Jack County areas?

nope. still no interest. do you know anyone who might be interested?