Mineral interest and lease payments

in 2000 i received a small mineral interest from my mother who had that passed down from her father. this interest is very old as it is from old cotton farming land in robertson county.

how would i find the original lease payment and options from the time this land was optioned out? i know currently we don’t get any lease payment but have been getting small mineral interest checks up until recently when they drilled 2 new wells on this lease. the entire amount i received in 2019 was right at $200 for MI. the last 2 checks, since the 2 new wells went on production, totaled over $5K.

how do i ensure, I , and other relatives with similar interest in same property are getting the proper lease payment and/or mineral interest %.

my grandfather moved here in the early 1900’s and lived to be 102; so my concern is that then and/or over the years as it was turned from farm land to potential oil bearing land, that he might have been taken advantage of. Or as this has been passed down to his kids, that none of them were educated enough to seek out this info to ensure they are being treated fairly. only since it has been passed down to his 6 kids who subsequently divided those interests to their many kids has it received attention.

what advice can you give me on finding out the accuracy of all this?

The leases are on file at the Robertson County Courthouse. However, sometimes there is only a memorandum of lease. You could also contact the operator and ask for a copy of the lease or or production sharing agreement for your files.

You could go to the Courthouse or you go to idock online and be able to find the leases and print them out If you know the Townships/Range/Sections.