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Hi Everyone new to the forum, My sister received an offer oddly enough through Facebook. We inherited some mineral and royalty Land from our grandfather it’s about 3 acres lot 4 block 8 section 217 of the toyah Valley grape and alfalfa Co. Subdivision in block 13, since hearing about it our father has passed away to and we really have zero idea what we should do or what’s a fair offer? Any help is greatly appreciated, The gentleman is from a group called Henland Services LLC and the offer is 1700 per net mineral acre for a total of 3700 to be spilt between my two sisters and myself it’s for all of our mineral and royalty interests

Hello Amber. After checking production on wells in the area if You and your Sisters own 100% of the minerals I would say they are worth between $10,000-$15,000 per acre…there are decent horizontal Wolfcamp wells producing oil and gas in that area.


Reeves County Section 217/Block 13/A-512:


Hi Clint! Thank you, we are very naive on the subject. Do you know how we can look into selling it to someone ourselves or if you believe it’s beneficial to just hang on to it. We were left with no instructions and in actuality didn’t even know we had it until my dad passed away. I appreciate your knowledge

Amber…Whether to sell or keep your minerals is a hard question to answer…it depends on ‘circumstances’. Check out this link that I am posting from the past…https://www.mineralrightsforum.com/t/selling-rights-vs-keeping-pros-cons/58276

Clint, You have helped me in the past and I wanted to see if you could help me again or Point me in the right direction. Grandfather left in Trust for all family 1/6 splits, in 2017 after 75 years of BOA managing my GF Trust they said we put them at Risk and had to move our Stuff, so I picked Farmers National Company to handle the minerals and Frost for Cash. Now 4 years later I see from looking at my Cousins Reports that the splits are off. I have come to the conclusion that I’m missing a well or two in payment, but FNC says I’m getting everything. So I guess I need to show them the wells in Reeves that I’m not getting paid for. I know which ones they are looking at cousins reports that are all at FNC. But Cousin does not want me to use them to take to FNC. So I wanted learn how to look up Minerals Deeds, etc. to prove I’m entitled to 1/6 share. Me and My Sister that is. I have learn how to use the Gis Viewer to locate the wells. I have looked at a few County seats, but little success in finding Mineral Deeds. Thanks for your imput, Chris

I would say that you either need to call and get help from the Reeves County Clerks office or make a trip out there and check on your own. MINERAL DEEDS SHOULD BE RECORDED AT THE COUNTY CLERKS OFFICE. PERIOD.

Reeves County has a nice online search site: https://reeves.tx.publicsearch.us/ Might be worth a try to find the desired documents.

If you aren’t near the courthouse in Pecos, here is a link where you can do free grantor and grantee searches of the Reeves County deed records on-line.

Are you looking for deeds where your grandfather transferred mineral interest to a trust, or later distributions from the trust to the beneficiaries?

I couldn’t follow what you said about wells being shown on your cousin’s reports and not wanting to use those reports. If you, your sister and your cousins were each supposed to have 1/6th interest in minerals held by the trust, are the royalties on any production paid directly to the trust and then divided between that group, or does Farmers National only handle accounting on the share of production that is due you and your sister?

If FNC handles the accounting for everyone’s interest, and the amounts are supposed to be equal, the “splits being off” sounds like an accounting issue or possibly something involving interpretation of trust documents or division orders to the trust rather than being a mineral deed issue.

Thanks Pete/Dusty with your thoughts and points on this matter. Clint

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