Mineral/gas/oil/sand/gravel/rock rights

My sister and I have about 2,000 acres of mineral/gas/oil/sand/gravel,water etc etc rights in Coal and Johnston County Oklahoma. Does anyone know a ball park for price we should charge or anyone interested or where to go to sell our rights?

Benford Standley

The answer to that question would be vastly different in Johnson vs Coal due to the geology. You will probably get offers now that you have posted here.
There is a lot of horizontal drilling in Coal, so probably higher prices there than in Johnston, but also dependent upon where your acreage is.


be the south east corner of Johnston then goes into Coal at the southwest corner right through the town of Bromide. About 3,000 acres in each county.

Township and ranges are more helpful as that is how most companies “think”


S19 T3N R11 S2 N.W. N.E. S19 T3N R11 E.N.E. N.E. N.E. N.E. S19 T3N R11 S.W. N.E. T3N. R11 E. S2 N.E. N.E who might be interested in these lands?

This is 20 acres. It should read S2 NW4 NE4 19-3N-R11E

This does not look right. It should have the "2"s and the "4"s in it. Tiny acreage. Do you really mean E2 NE4 NE4 NE4 NE4? If so, then this is 1.25 acres?

This might be 40 acres. Should read SW4 NE2 19-3N-11E

I am assuming this is section 19.
If so, then the S2 NE4 NE4 19-3N-11E is 20 acres.
You have two horizontal wells that you should be getting royalties on and parts of 4 other wells. Before you sell, you might need to figure out exactly what you have. You should have active leases on this section.