Mineral Deeds left in my possession

My brother who had mental issues gave me his mineral deeds to keep for him. He passed away. My sister was his POA before he died and took over what he still had in his possession. What do I do with the deeds that have his name on them?

His estate needs to be properly probated and the rights to the minerals passed to the proper heirs. If he had no will, then read the posts from Richard Winblad regarding what to do next. DO NOT destroy those deeds. They are very important.


Are these deeds into your brother, or deeds from your brother to someone else? If they are deeds from your brother to someone else, they had to have been filed prior to his death or they are not valid, at least in the state of Oklahoma.

Todd M Baker

They are deeds my parents signed over to him before he passed.

The important question is whether they were filed in the courthouse before he died. If they were not, then they are probably in your parents name and title since the transfer may not have actually occurred. Talk to an attorney.

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Complicated legal issues probably best to discuss with an attorney in state where the minerals are located.

They were transferred and recorded in his name. I just have possession of them after his death and unsure what to do with them.