Mineral deeds in Okla

My dad passed away in 05 without my mom added to the mineral deed which is in Okla. Mom had to get it probated in 07. It is all recorded in County . She had been getting oil checks until I realized that she hadn't been depositing them. She lives in a different State than I do , I opened an account for them in which there deposited. Sent death certificate to company's prior to the deposits. I had a Mineral Deed send to me so it can be filled out but have no clue on where to start . Is there someone that can assist me in this along with a aid since I don't make much income ?Everything and everyone is in differ states. I need to get my mom and myself on paperwork.

I'm not certain if you said but direct deposit would be good and most offer it if you don't have it done already, couldn't tell by what you said. So you had a mineral deed sent to you by whom? Are you just wanting it conveyed as joint tenants with right of survivorship or what are you wanting to accomplish, royalties from the well split between you 2 or just for you to receive it once she passes or and you say everyone, more than you and your mother?


Contact Joan Downey through Mineral Rights Forum. She is an independent land man in OK City and may be able to do you a service.

Clint Liles on MRF knows how to get you some help as well.

You can often transfer them thru an affidavit of ownership

Get a good lawyer who is familiar with O & G deeds