Mineral deed research

My Grand Dad bought 2 different tracks of mineral in Grayson county Texas from the same guy back in the 1940s We went to lease to a oil co. and they say he doesn't have as much as the deeds say. My grand dad was a professional land man so I can't see him letting a man sell him more minerals than he had without checking it out. So how can I get this check out.


You can always make a trip to Sherman, Texas (County Clerk's Office) and do some record research. They should have all the records on file.

We did research at the County Clerks Office(s) where our relatives had purchased rights back in the 30's. It was really quite interesting. You want to go back to the date of the Deed you have showing the amount of Mineral Rights and go forward to see if you can find any other deeds where some of it might have been sold to someone else. They should be able to point you in the right direction at the County Clerks Office. It was very helpful for us to be able to fill in a lot of "holes" in our ownership amounts. You can make any copies you need to put the pieces together. If you aren't able to make the trip you can hire a landman to research it for you. Usually the operators have done this already and they probably have found that some of the rights were deeded over to someone else. I have seen on this forum where people suggest calling the County Clerks Office and ask if there is a landman there that would be interested in researching this for you. Good luck!

Carolyn and Raymond

I run a land service company out of Dallas. Depending on the amount of minerals that are being disputed, it might be worth it for you to contact me about this issue.

Feel free to send me an e-mail: jordan@murray-land.com