Mineral Deed legal question

I bought some minerals a while back in Oklahoma, and the mineral deed stipulated that "ALL right and title, and interest, if any, in and to all the oil, gas, and other minerals in and under and that may be produced from the following described lands situated in ...."

However, under the legal description, it says the following:

"(It is the intent of the Grantor herin to convey an undivided 10 net mineral acres)"

Now it turns out that there were actually 15 net mineral acres included within the property, and the determination of 10 net mineral acres was incorrect. So which statement rules - ALL or "10 acres"?

Given this obvious conflict, has anyone run into this before, and can you tell me how this would be interpreted legally?

Not sure about your comment about 15 acres included within the property, but I can tell you regardless of how many acres the Grantor owned at the time the interest was conveyed to you (provided he/she owned at least 10 acres in the tract) you only get 10 acres. The intent clause is what is binding.

Thanks....that was exactly my question.