Mineral Deed Language

I saw, today, a document recorded in McClain Co. Unfortunately, can’t figure out how to copy it to this site. As a note, I do own mineral rights in Sec 30 8N 4W in McClain Co. OK. The doc is between Keta oil & gas LLC as grantor and Sedona Mineral LLC as grantee. To summarize…it “involves the conveying of all 640 acres in Sec 30 8N 4W…” it states " this sale is made subject to any rights now existing to any lesse or assigns under any valid and subsisting oil lease of record…" Can anyone explain what this document is and/or what it means? Is this some sort of a normal filing? Isn’t 640 acres the entire Section? Sorry ,but real new to this mineral rights stuff and just trying to understand it… Thanks, Rick B.

I would think that would be just one oil company that sold their leases to another oil company in that section.

That was my first thought , but this McClain County recording apparently is for only Sec 30 8N 4W and it is for a total of 640 acres…aren’t there only 640 acres in a typical section? Again, real new to mineral rights and looking for some help to understand all the things that come up concerning my mineral rights.

It is just saying that Grantor is conveying all of its interest in the Section, where ever located. Very normal for parties that are not sure of what or where they own in a section.

Todd M Baker

If you notice the wording, they did not describe the actual land transferred. This is probably only a portion of the section. There are 640 acres in a section, but they are only conveying what they had to convey. "It is Grantor’s intent to convey, and by this instrument conveys, all its right, title and interest in the minerals within the above Governmental Section, whether properly described or not. " Given the amount on the document stamp, it probably isn’t very many acres.

There are probably hundreds of owners in that section. The increased density case has 272 respondents.

Thanks for the your answer/explanation : Todd Baker & Ms. Barnes.

It is the entire section. Some company that had it leased ( to a bunch of individual mineral owners) sold their rights to the oil and gas based on those leases to another company. It may not necessarily mean every single owner of mineral rights in the section actually was leased. I believe they only need a majority of it to be leased and “force pooled”. They can drill even if not everybody in the section is leased. The terms of each individual’s lease, will still have to be honored by the company that acquired them. Martha Barnes can explain this better than myself.