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I'm looking for some info regarding lease bonus, royalty rates, drilling activity in Hampshire County or surounding areas. Also can anyone recommend a good lawyer in that area.

i am looking to lease land of 185 for leasing of oil and gas rights, also lease bonus, royalty rates and drill for for production.

My online resources don't show anything going on in Mineral or Hampshire County. But activity wouldn't show up online until some company requested a drilling permit. The better way to tell if anything is going on is to run down to the courthouse and peek in the record room. If it's pretty full, then there's something going on. If there are only three or four people there, then there's not likely to be much oil and gas development going on. If you're not sure, find the most recent deed book (some counties have lease books) and flip through it looking for oil and gas leases. That'll tell you if anything is going on, and who is leasing. Let us know what you find out. If you get an offer and want someone to review the lease for you, I'm an attorney and worked as a landman for four years. I know leases. Best of luck!

Thanks for the info Kyle. I also sent you a message


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