Mineral/Conveyance Deeds

Hello, My wife owns small mineral interests in Reeves & Pecos counties. Where can I obtain copies of these deeds showing ownership & property descriptions ? They were inherited, but not properly described in the probate will. Thank you for any assistance

A legal description would be on a tax bill if you can locate that. Also, if you know which county the property is located in you could try the Appraisal District website for the legal description. For deeds you need to go to the records for the county and search for the ancestors. Hopefully they recorded deeds or wills otherwise you will have to record them or hire someone to do this work for you to clear the title.

Also did you or the executor record the Will in the counties where your wife owns property. This needs to be done.

First, call the County Court Clerk where your relative passed away to see if a Will is on file. If so, order an Exemplified Copy of the Will (or “Triple Certified”) if the person died outside of Texas. If they died in Texas, a certified copy will be fine. Also tell them you need a copy of The Order Admitting the Will to Probate. It may be included in the exemplified copy, but ask to be sure. Then you can mail in a written request with a check for the Court Clerk fees, and they will mail the documents to you. This can take anywhere from one week to several weeks. (If someone died without a Will, you most likely need an Affidavit of Heirship. It also has to be signed and notarized by an uninterested party.)

Then have the Will recorded with the clerk where the property is located. For Reeves County it is—

Reeves County Clerk

Not sure what it currently costs but they are helpful. Call their office. This is the process that our family went through a few years back.

You might look at a deed website like TexasFIle or CourthouseDirect . I’m sure there are others. Basic search I think is free, but if you need to print or do more detailed searches there is a fee, but fairly reasonable.

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Here’s a link to the site where you can do free searches and downloads of deeds recorded in Reeves County https://reeves.tx.publicsearch.us/

If you have recording information for the deeds you want copies of you can enter that directly otherwise you will need to search the Grantor/Grantee index using the names of the ancestor your wife inherited the interests from.

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