Mineral buyer shorted net mineral acreage


Several members of my family all owned and subsequently sold about 93 NMA in Weld county CO at different times in the last few years to different buyers. When three family members each sold their interests recently, the buyer's due diligence activities only came up with about 83 NMA and we feel this is a mistake.

How does someone in this situation prove that a mistake was made. I'm assuming a landman and an attorney might be the starting point?

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Yes exactly. You will need to have someone run the title to verify it. Depending on how hard the title is, you may be able to do it yourself but would need to pay a monthly subscription for that. ($300)

The following link is for the Weld County Recorder's website. You can research title on it. I would also get the title details from your buyer, ask them if they will give you their run sheet and/or title opinion so you can verify the acreage.


Thank you.

If you need any help, give me a shout. I'm in Denver and work the DJ on a regular basis



So exactly what type of documents do I search for. I see leases, deeds, etc. What actually documents my NMA?