Mineral Agreement Question

I am trying understand how a division order analyst would interpret the following wording in regards to past suspense. Would you read this to say that suspense funds would only be applicable after the effective date?

The Minerals are subject to all oil and gas leases of record affecting the above described property. Grantor and Grantees agree that Grantees shall be entitled to all bonus, delay rentals, and royalties, or other payments payable after the Effective Date of this deed and attributable to the Minerals conveyed in this deed, as well as all sums of money, escheated funds, suspended runs or accounts of any type or character, due or owing to Grantor and attributable to the minerals and/or royalty conveyed in this deed.

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the Minerals, together with all and singular the rights and appurtenances belonging in any way to the Minerals, subject to the provisions stated above, to Grantees, their heirs, personal representatives, successors, and assigns forever. This conveyance is without warranty of any kind, express or implied.

This appears to be an excerpt from a deed. The oil company lawyer, not the division order analyst, will render an opinion based on all of the language in the assignment based on state law where the minerals are located. This portion seems to give away all future royalties and all unpaid and suspended royalties. Is there any language reserving to grantor any unpaid or underpaid or suspense royalties, etc? Whether you are the grantor or the grantee, you should not sign a legal document that you do not understand. You should consult an oil and gas attorney in the state where the minerals are located.

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