Mineral acreage

Carlsbad, NM. We inherited 5 mineral acres 1/4 mile from the new bypass just off Hidalgo Road. We’ve had offers ranging from $1500 to $9000 an acre. We’ve not dealt with anything like this in the past. Do the offers sound reasonable? Thank you

You will get better information if you provide the complete legal description, Section/Township/Range or Survey.

Description: Lot 19 Walling Heights Subdivision, Sw /4 of Section 24, Township 22 South, Range 26 East, NMPM. 5.76 acres

Those are offers to buy, or lease? And if its to buy, are you leased?

There was a prior thread last week where people said they were leasing in the SE of T22s 26e for $6500 acre and 25% royalty. I believe, I’ll see if I can find it, see if this works, i’m no bueno with the linking


My recent offer was $4000 per acre. 25% royalty.

Section 25, Township 22 South, Range 26 East, in the N/2 SW/4 NE/4 NW/4.

NMoilBoy Not leased. We would like to sell.

An all-in sales number should be higher than $9k/acre for an unleased mineral acre if Judy is being offered a lease at $4k and 25% right next door. .