Mineral Acreage sold twice - Custer County OK

We bought some mineral acreage several years ago and recently tried to lease it out. However, when we sent our lease in, the individuals who were going to lease it from us said that we did not own it. Upon further research, we discovered that the individual who sold it to us actually sold the same acreage to another person prior to selling it to us (on the same auction site).

We tried contacting the person who sold it to us, but they have not responded. Our deed states that there is warranty of title. What is the best course of action to take? Is there a statute of limitations on a warranty of title in Oklahoma and thus we would have limited recourse?

We have documentation that the property was sold twice as well as both of the actual sale bills. Thanks in advance for your help!

It is time to “lawyer up”. Good luck. You might tell this forum the parties that you were dealing with so people can be warned whom not to do business with, including the auction house.

Todd M. Baker


Sounds like a breach of warranty of title. Auction company may have exposure as well. see this case