Million Dollar Way Blog Down?

I have been following the blog for a few months. Now all of a sudden when I go to the site it says I need to be invited to view it. And of course I can't get on to the site to ask why or how do I get invited. Anybody know anything about this. This is one of my most used Bakken blogs or was.


I am in the same boat as you. I have emailed Bruce Oksol, the owner of this website, but so far no word on what's going on. Something on his end must have happened because I see no reason for this site to be blocked. Maybe it's just a glich and will be fixed promptly. I also asked the same question on Bakken Shale Discussion but forgot that's a no no. Let me know if find out what's going on regarding this matter.

its happening to all of us who visit his site. his site was also reported as a "fraudulent" site. google is worthless, they are of no help. i think someone out there wanted his site down.

I too am in the same boat. It is an interesting and useful site with plenty of info and links. I hope it is a temporary error and is open soon.

Bruce, if you happen to see this I hope you'll post here to let us know what's happening.

I have followed this site religiously for a long time, so I hope Bruce sees our messages and lets us on. Google is so not helpful, I keep going around in circles on that page. I sure hope we can view it again SOON! I miss it!

why does the Bakken Shale Discussion site despise the Million Dollar Way so much?

It may be that when you join the BSD website, on of the rules is that no other website would be advertised via this website. That's the only reason I can think of.


why does the Bakken Shale Discussion site despise the Million Dollar Way so much?

An update of Google software used to maintain his blog appears to have forced this change. I sent an email stating that I refused to sign up because it is my understanding that signing up for a Google Account gives Google permission to perform unreasonably excessive tracking of your web browsing. The response that I got back was the Oksal was looking at alternatives to using Google. He has my sympathy for having to put up with these headaches when attempting to provide a free service.

Note To All:

The Million Dollar Way website is up and running again.

Here we are......June 19th again......but 2013....and Million Dollar Way is gone again.

I think the MDW is a good source for raw intelligence but I would not buy into their analysis, which there is some of, although many statements have a question mark after them.

I'm not sure what is up. I noticed it was gone too. I like to view the site each day. He offers some good information on activity around the Williston Basin.