Mike D:Reeves County Section 14/Block C-18


A permit was approved on March 1 for a Horizontal well(API 389-35611) in Section 17 and ending in Section 14/A-4261/Operator:MDC Texas Operator/permitted for 14,500'

Link to approved permit:


Quite a bit of activity in this area. There are some very good oil/gas combination wells in the surrounding area. This is a good area to have minerals.

GIS Map or Reeves County Section 14/Block C-14 and surrounding area:


This link is to Production Data(Lease # 47854) on well 35058 in section 33 and 34/Block 4:


Completion Report on well 35058 shows 823 Barrel Oil Per Day/6,843,000 Cubic Feet Gas Per Day/////WOW


Clint Liles


How many acres do you have in this Section? If you have quite a few acres it would pay you to hire an Oil and Gas Attorney to help with a lease.

Clint Liles

Thanks for the info Clint I have a little under 30 acres and have been in contact with one. Waiting for the final contract to look at. Trying to learn this stuff on the fly. Don’t know what is a fair offer per acre to lease. You’ve been very helpful.


I was looking to find similar production data on Desperado State Unit C 19 21-18 602H, 701H, and 702H. Property Description 1280 acres +/- in section 18 and 21 Block C19, PSL Survey, Reeves County. Per the division order. My interest is Abstract 40 39 Section 18 Block C-19 PSL Survey 35.5556 net mineral acres. Could you help me locate this on the RRC? I would appreciate any help you might have.

Best, Jessica


After checking the GIS Map I find the approved locations for the wells in question but don't find any production numbers for the wells. Energen Resources had 9 approved permits for wells in that location(602H, 603H, 604H, 605H, 701H, 702H, 703H, 704H, 705H). I have also checked and find no spud date(begin drilling) for these wells. Am not sure if these wells have been drilled........

GIS Map of Reeves County A-4039/Section 18/Block C19 and surrounding area:


Possibly someone with drilling info.com subscription will weigh in on this and have some more information on these wells. Rockman, Wolfcamp Shale, Tennis Daze or Charles.... do you have any info for Jessica?

Clint Liles

Thank you for looking Clint, I do appreciate your help! The division order letter says the subject wells had first production in April 2017. I just received the letter it was sent to the wrong address, so I have just now executed and sent back so I don’t have a API # yet. I appreciate any insight anyone might have, this is all new to me. Best,


The Message I get from all these wells is: NO WELL RECORDS WERE FOUND


It may be another 3-4 months before you receive a royalty check.

Be patient.


Clint Liles

Energen permitted and has drilled 9 Desperado wells, but only 3 have been fracked and are producing. On RRC website, select permits. For operator, Energen and for Lease Name, Desperado and then all wells will come up. On each well, click on lease name and information page will appear, with permit, plat etc at bottom. At top, after a well has been spud (not necessarily fracked), the completion line is open. For 701H, you will see spud date of 6/12/2016. Each well has a spud date. No completion date as Energen has not yet filed completion reports.

Texas Comptroller CONG login. https://mycpa.cpa.state.tx.us/cong/loginForward.do?phase=check Here is where for every well, monthly production and sales revenues are reported, even if you cannot find the production reported on RRC site. This is because Texas requires that severance tax be paid from the first month of sales, whether or not a completion report has been filed with RRC. Reports are under the well permit number until a lease number is assigned by the RRC. If you get page saying cookies required, select "login" in upper right corner to get to main page. On left side, there is a box of Public Information. Select "Lease Drop - Crude Oil". On entry page, Enter the Drilling Permit Number for well without an RRC lease number. For 701H well, this is 815933. For begin and end periods - 1701 and 1706. Select Reeves County from drop-down box. Most companies report each well separately, but Energen is reporting oil from all 3 producing wells together. April, sold 25,333 bbl for $1,223,856.28 and May, sold 13,475 bbl for $5,948,393.16. Note that severance tax is not due on the State of Texas' share of oil and revenues. Where State owns minerals, then its share is not taxed but GLO keeps 100% without tax. You will be assessed 4.6% oil severance tax.

For gas sales, return to "Lease Drop - Natural Gas" and use same process. Energen is reporting the gas by well and so you will need to open 701H (Permit 815933); 602H (Permit 816031); and 702H (Permit 816039) to see mfc sales and volumes for each month for each well. Gas is often a month behind and at present only April is being reported and apparently divided between 2 different purchasers. No gas sales for the other 6 wells which conforms with your division order.

Long explanation. But also useful to see if the gross sales on your check match what is reported to the Comptroller.

Thanks for the help TennisDaze.

Clint Liles