Midland County Section 33/Block 39 T1S///Midland County Section 33/Block 39 T3S

Block T1S is all together different from Block T3S.

GIS Map of Midland County Section 33/Block 39 T1S:


GIS map of Midland County Section 33/Block 39 T3S:

Abstract number of Section 33/Block 39 T1S is:A-45

Abstract number of Section 33/Block 39 T3S is:A-211


Clint Liles

Thank you very much for the information and especially the map. It certainly makes things clearer!

This is also my royalty section interest from Garrett family spoke to Endeavor and they will be sending sharing agreements out soon for this lease. Be on the lookout. Would be nice to know if they have the pads built already as 11 horizontals are coming off the 2 pads in T3S

Thank you, Misty! Very exciting news. We don't live in the area, so it is hard to get information sometimes.

You are welcome! I live in Houston and been trying to stay on top of it since Uncle Bubba passed. I was wondering since their lease expires in 10 months. They will NOT renew the lease and it will be HBP by that time. So lets hope for a producing well in the next 2 quarters or 11 like our neighbors :slight_smile:

Hi again, If you don't mind, if you get a sharing agreement in the mail, let me know, and I will do the same for you. Thanks, I agree on the 11 wells. That would be fantastic!

Hi Misty, You said in your original post that you had spoken to Endeavor. I was just wondering how you were able to get in contact with them. I called and spoke to a landman at Endeavor about 2 months ago. He was very helpful at that time. Now, I have called, left messages, and emailed, trying to get an update. My email was forwarded to someone who was supposed to contact me. No response yet. Have you heard anything else or can you suggest a better way to contact Endeavor? It is getting frustrating.