Midland Activity

Any new activity going on?

Have interest throughout the basin. Contemplating selling some, anyone getting top dollar prices or with the current oil prices, are the offers pretty low?

I suppose that depends upon your definition. My last offer as about $126K for my 1/6 share of Preston Spby Ut tr 42 and 44

As an active lessee and buyer in the Permian, I would be happy to tell you a little about what I've seen recently if you would like to send me a PM so we can connect.

Ben Samuels

Zahav Land Group, LLC

What is a PM?

It’s really depends on where your interest is located, among many other things. What are the legals for the minerals you’re thinking of selling?

I own 105 mineral acres in the Shackelford, Spreberry tract 72 and Cattail Pond #261 T4S Bllk 38 Sec. 26. Would like to sell, but I do not want to sell for under 4,500,000.00. Is this a realistic price based on other sales in that area?