Michelle Abel by Marathon sec 2 & 11; 3n 6w

Anyone hear how the Michelle Abel well is doing? Marathon spudded in early July but no production reports filed yet.


No completion report on OCC site but Oklahoma Tax Commission site indicates well went on production 10/29/2016.

PUN #: 051-218015-0-0000 Legal Description: -AL-11-03N-06W
Lease Name: MICHELLE ABEL API: 051-24037
Well Name/Number: 1-2H County Name: Grady
Well Classification: Gas County Percent: 100%
Tract #: Total Lease Acreage: 640
Shut-in Date: Active Date: 10/29/2016

Thank you. This property was part of our family's original Choctaw allotment. It is in Section 2 and 11. This well seems to be almost on the edge so we were surprised but glad when Marathon decided to drill it now. But 13 years ago Chesapeake drilled a good gas well there, it tested well and had a good log, and Chesapeake spent a lot of money running pipe to it, but in 2003 before fracking was improved, they got a bad frack job and it killed the well. That was the Waylon in Section 2 which was a vertical well. So it will be interesting to see what the production reports are for the horizontal.

Thanks again and happy new year.