Michael 0607 11-2-1wh 13-6N-7W surface location

Does anyone know what’s going on with this well? Revenue has dropped to almost nothing for July ? Thanks !

Are you asking about a check dated for July or production for July that would be reported on a check in September? Public access to data usually runs several months behind so I do not see July numbers yet. The Roberts well 0607 12-1-1MXH was completed on July 30, 2022, so I am going to suggest that the Michael well was shut in to protect it while the other well was completed. Normal procedure.

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@Terisa_L_Miller I agree with M_Barnes suggesting the Michael well was shut in. My September royalty check for the Pudge 1-7-6XH, which is on the east side of the Roberts well was less than 40% of the previous month. I suspect next month’s royalty check will also be lower than normal.

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