Mexican land

There's any gas andl oil Co. already buying private land ?

I think this is a lost cause.

The question of mineral rights was pretty much extinguished by President Cardenas.

l understand that mexico have change a lot with the new energy reform, now is a country with big oportunities to invest, on private land the expropriation dosen't existed anybody can buy privated land, lease or be partner.

The ejidos are the only problem because there's alot of owner in the same land, and everybody wants to give their own opinion, but not now, the mexican federal goverment already gave to the ejidatarios land titles, l think could be easy to get big extension of land if you get contact with the leader there;s always a leader in the ejidos.

A lot has changed, but a lot has stayed the same.

Frankly, I don't see the government ever reversing Cardena's action. It would be political suicide.

Yes, ejidatarios have been given titles, but it has been the practice of my family to never buy those lands.

Ownership of the land surface does not give ownership of the mineral rights. That does and always will be the property of the nation. Lo siento, pero no hay remedio.

Lets talk about private properties: I belive that big oil & gas co. can easily work together on a mexican private properties doing partner, they protect each other that's a the best way of doing bussines on a foreing countrys.