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I did some googling and found a Mesa county in Colorado. Is this the right one?

Yes that is correct thanks

how is the drilling doing in mesa co. I got some division order from sombody in co. was wondering what type of well they have there. gas or oil or both

We got a letter from Laramie Energy saying they are pooling our A/C in Mesa county T9S R94W Sec 24 to drill some 24 Well in here also in T9S R93W sec 19 some 9 wells for a total of 32 wells. I live out of State does any one have more information on this Thanks

I got the number of wells wrong the letter stated 34 Nichols wells in T9S R94W SEC 24 using 640 acres AND 18 WELLS using 323.72 acres IN T9S R94W SEC 19 LOTS 1,2,AND 3 FOR A TOTAL OF 42 WELL does anyone know what kind of production one would expect from a well in this area? these wells are going to the Williams Fork Formations.

Does anyone know of Royalty interest sales since 2010?