Mercedes well- is it producing?

Hi, we were contacted by Centenial that my mom and I own a share in section 313 block 13. (Lots of 13 s). Is that the Mercedes well and does anyone know if it’s producing??? Thanks Linda

The Railroad Commission shows last March Centennial got a permit approved for what is called the Mercedes Bentz unit. It was proposed as an allocation well to be drilled from a site in Section 312, that joins 313 on the north, with the horizontal leg of the well to extend about half way into Section 313. Nothing has been filed yet with RRC showing whether it has been drilled.

Linda, the Mercedes Benz well was spud on 11/21/2018. (Drilling started.) There is no completion date that I can find but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been completed. It can take the companies awhile to file that info. Even if it is completed, it doesn’t mean that it will necessarily be producing yet. Oil prices aren’t great right now so the company may be holding off. Even after production starts, the company has 6 months or so to start paying.

The well includes both sections 312 and 313, for a total of 1280 acres. If you have mineral rights in Section 313, you should be included in that well. Congratulations!

Here is your drilling permit. If you look toward the top, you will see a square that says Spud Date and another that says Surface Casing Date. A square in between them says Drilling Completed, but that one is still blank.

Drilling Permit for 312 and 313


Gosh thanku sooooo much for the information. I got a sign bonus, but have never got anything else yet. I am going to see about the other. adjoining well. It would be so wonderful if what you suggested turned out to be true. Thanks sooo much!!! Linda

Thanks for the info, yes it looks like we are in a ownership worth many other family members. I did see the papers said section 313. Don’t know if the adjacent well is a part. It would be a blessing, but don’t think so. I need to try to ask, but centennial co is not good about giving out information or getting back to me. Thanks Again , Linda

Dusty, thanks sooo much for this information…does that mean the two oil wells will be joined? I think that would be wonderful for me. How can I find out about this? Thanks Linda

OK - I don’t see an adjacent well but there is a producing well on the other side of Sec. 313. Very sorry! I didn’t see that at first. I was busy looking at the Mercedes Benz well.

The producing well is just called the Mercedes. It started producing in October and has produced 74, 276 barrels of oil through March. Here’s a link:

Mercedes well

It includes 640 acres, all in Sec. 313.

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Do you have the legal description for your mineral interest and know if it is an undivided interest in the whole Section 313 or in a specific tract located in part of 313? That could make a difference on whether you have a share in one or both of those wells.

That second well, called the Mercedes L49H, that Liz sent you the production report on apparently was drilled in a pooled unit that included all of Section 313. The site used to drill it was in Section 312 but the first point of production on the horizontal leg of the well was in 313 so none of 312 was included in that unit.

The most recent well, called the Mercedes Bentz, was drilled as an allocation well. You can do a search using the spy glass at the top of the page to find posts explaining the difference between pooled and allocation units, but on this well being in an allocation unit probably means that not everyone who owns mineral interest in Sec. 312 and 313 will receive a share of the production from it, only those whose mineral interests are within the allocation area desginated for the well.

As shown on the permit Liz gave you the link to earlier, RRC approved the original permit for the Merceds Bentz on 11/12/18 and Centennial spudded it 9 days later on 11/21/18. But it’s interesting that more than two months after that, on 1/31/19, they filed an amended permit application and requested that RRC grant an exception to their spacing rules for that well. The records show the exception and amended permit weren’t approved until 3/21/19 because there were a number of unleased mineral owners in the unit that had to be given notice of the application and the opportunity to protest the exception being granted. You can’t tell from RRC’s site but if Centennial had continued to drill after that 11/21/19 spud date they were probably finished by the time they filed that amended permit and exception request. In any case, it looks like their operation had to be shut down for near two months until that amended permit and exception were approved.

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Thanks I will need to find out. I am block 13, A345. I am sure that means something. It is 640 acres. I will need to find out what that means. Is kinda complicated…going to study as much as I can. I am so grateful for your help. :heart:Linda

Hi Liz, Thankyou soooo much for your help and wisdom. I am section 13 A345 640 acres. Do you know what the section refers to? Linda

I’m sorry but I don’t understand your question. Block 13 Section 313 Is one way of identifying a specific area in Reeves County. Block 13 is a very large area of Reeves; Section 313 will be a specific area of 640 acres or so that is within Block 13. (Some sections are larger or smaller, but many are 640 acres. It equals one square mile.)

The other thing you reference is A345. That is short for Abstract-345, which is a second way of identifying Section 313. Each section will have its own abstract number. You can use all of these numbers to locate your acreage on the GIS map viewer and of course the oil companies and state use them for IDs too.

If this is not what you were asking, I apologize for the misunderstanding!

Here is a link to the GIS map viewer:

GIS Map Viewer

Here is a photo that may help you find your property on the GIS viewer. Follow the purple instructions. You can click on the photo to enlarge it.


As you may have figured out, everything in Reeves County is divided into Surveys, which are made up of Blocks, and each of those Block contains many Sections, most containing 640 acres. According to what you’ve said, your mineral interest is located in Block 13, Section 313 of the H&GN RR Co. Survey.

Below I’ll attach the Railroad Commission’s map of that area with Section 313 highlighted. I think you will be able to see the Survey, Block and Section numbers on there and also Abstract Number 345.

What you need to determine is which specific part of Section 313 your mineral interest is located in. The deeds in the chain of title to your mineral interest should include a legal description that pins down where the interest you own is located within Section 313. It might say something like X acres a part of S 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of Section 313. Let us know what you find and we can help you pin down that location.

Liz, thanks I am learning soooooo much! Thank you so much. Linda

How do you get the drilling permit that shows the status on the top Whenever I look at a drilling permit the status bar is blank

It can take the oil companies a while to fill in the permit forms. And sometimes when you link to a drilling permit directly from the GIS map viewer, the resulting drilling permit is incomplete even if that same permit is more complete if you search for it differently - don’t ask me why!

For instance, if you search for a well directly at the state’s drilling permit form area - drilling permit search - you may find that the form is more complete than it is if linked from the map. Even here, the status bar may be empty but a couple of important boxes to the right of it may have been filled out. Companies are pretty good about filling out the Spud Date box and the Surface casing Date box in a fairly timely manner. However they can take forever to fill out the Drilling Completed box and the Well Status Code boxes. Even if the well is completed and producing, those boxes may be blank for while.

Of course, sometimes the drilling permit boxes are empty simply because the oil company has not acted on the drilling permit. Many permits are never drilled.

I hope this answers your question.

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Wow thanks for your prompt and complete response! This is very helpful. Thank you so much!