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Looking to renew old mineral rights claims from Grand Dad’s farm for the 2nd and 3rd generation kids. The property is located near Dos Palos. They were leased, now dormant, and the next 20 year expiration occurs later this year or next according to my relatives at the family reunion.

Where can I search in Merced County to find the existing records. Which government office handles renewals and retains the title papers for mineral rights?

Much Thanks! Tom

The Merced County Recorder's Office is the place to start. You can begin online at Go to legal documents and search the grantor/grantee indexes for your Grandfather's name. This is a start only as you won't be able to see the documents just who granted something to whom. But, you'll have recording information to take to the Recorder's office and start gathering documents.

Good luck?

Thanks Jean! I appreciate that very much! I am a newby here and trying to work with a box of old leases and property maps passed down to me through the family. The leases dated from the 60’s through about 2004 when Cimarex dropped the last one. With the fracking rules changing in Sacramento, there may be new interest coming. Best, Tom

You're welcome. I also wanted to comment on the "20 year" time frame. Likely this is the total term for the lease. Typically, however, if no drilling was started within the first 5 years of the lease, the lease terminated.