McNeff wells 2210n05w


What is the status of these wells?



Are you asking about the old wells are any planned new wells? Many of the old wells have been transferred to Roan Energy which took over from Citizen.
Citizen had planned for horizontal wells, but that case was dismissed. Once Roan gets their plans ready, they may move ahead. It was supposed to be called the Osborn 1H-20 and I see another one called Bailey 1-20-29H. Time will tell.



I need to find out more about land that was claimed in the OK land rush in 1889. My great grandfather had a claim but I can’t the claim filing at the county clerks. Should I be looking somewhere else? I believe that we the ancestors should have first rights to any minerals. I don’t see any evidence that the rights were sold or given away on the documents I have found. This land is in Township 11, Canandian, Oklahoma. I think our family still has ties this property and it’s possibly now in a trust, I found some supporting information to this. But, it’s not clear and tracing the Warranty Deeds would be more effective in getting the correct information.

Any suggestions? Thank you, Violet



You can look up the original patents at Go to Search Documents Then LSR, then put in Oklahoma , your County, Township and Range. Select Master Title Plat to get a map first. Then you can Search the documents by Location as well. You can find the original owner.

From there, you would have to go to the courthouse to work forward. The digital files only go back to the early 1990’s in most places.

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Thank you so much, the record was found instantly. I now need to find the bill of sale to my gr. uncle from the grandfather. Violet



One more question, What does Mineral Reservation (no) mean, does it mean, no minierals or no limits? I am looking at the origianl grant of 180 acres in OK under Miscellaneous Information. Thanks again, Violet



An attorney would have to answer for sure, but I think it means that in a sale, the seller is not reserving the minerals for himself/herself. In the early days, the minerals were not severed from the surface, so when you sold, the minerals went with the surface unless you specifically reserve them out.



You must look at the deed. Typically unless a deed specifically reserves minerals in the deed, then that interest is also conveyed.



To make it even more difficult - a seller can sell his minerals separate from the land; and , the seller can sell for example a 50% ownership. ( this Mineral only deed must be recorded with the County Clerk just like a land deed. and this sale can be part of land sale or minerals only ) So, when the land is sold with minerals the buyer will get a deed for the land and it may not indicate that only 50% of the minerals are transferred with the land deed. Research of these types of ownership is job in itself for many attorneys. Things to remember 1) Minerals are transferred if land deed does not reserve them( the minerals). 2) Mineral ownership may not be 100% if a minerals or a percentage has been reserved in a prior sale 3) NMA is the Net Minerals Acres ownership after percent ownership is determined.



I have a copy of the original grant of land from the OK land rush. I have ordered the sale records from the clerks office in Canadian Co. The original granted my gr. grandfather, and to his heirs the 160 acres with the minerals. He died without a will, so it went into probate, the grandmother died prior and the original will left everything to her and both agreed to leave $100 to each child. He died and never updated the will due to illness. His son took control of the land and had him sign over the 160 acres to him, leaving the rest of the family to believe it was the sons, there were some angry siblings, but ignorant in the matter and letting an attorney hire an executor of the will. There was other land that was sold and divided equally, I believe 2 plots.

I wonder if the will being voided, and the grandmother having no say who gets the land she owned, can change the way things were handled? Because the Grandfather was very ill and not in his right state of mind after she died. He was so ill he couldn’t change the will, this is what my other told me. She told me that he was very ill several years before he died.

I just discovered this information about the will and history of the 160 acres, I had no idea there was a homestead in OK. I guess I feel my mother’s family suffered lost from that transaction and I was looking to make a claim for all the heirs of the Gr. Grandfather.

I am not done, I am building a case and I’m determined to find out as much as I can.

Thanks, Violet



Sounds very confusing. An attorney would need to review the relevant documents and facts. It sounds worthwhile to pursue that far at least.



There are 4 new wells in this section that also cross into section 27 McNeff 22-27-10n05w 1xh,2xh,3xh,4xh. I understand they were drilled last year between April and may. I can’t locate any completion data on the OCC website. My family and I own interest in section 27. I have not received a division order on any of these wells. Thanks for any information anyone may share. Alex.



Look for the two McNeff wells in section 22 (since that is where the surface location is).

Look for all four of the McNeff 22-27-10-5 wells on the OK tax site. Put McNeff in the leasename box. There are a lot of McNeff’s, so make sure you see the ones with the 22-27 extension.
Gross Production. Too soon to get Division orders. They did not have first sales until August 31, 2018. with four wells and hundreds of mineral owners in each of the two sections, it will probably be a bit late. They don’t have to pay until March.



Thanks so much for this information. We inherited these minerals from our mom 26 years ago. I am 83 years old and am running out of time. So hopefully I will see some benefit from these Wells in my lifetime. Alex



Wonderful legacy and you have been a good steward! You should have a nice set of checks about March or April. Do something fun with it (talk to your accountant if they will put you in a new tax bracket).



I have heard nothing from Roan reguarding the existing McNeff wells 22-27 but did get papers showing permission to drill two more wells. Is this standard operating procedure for it to take this long to get DO? Alex Miller



It usually takes about four-five month to drill. Then the division order comes out about five months after first sales.