McMullen County Lease

Does anyone know how to find out if they are drilling on your property? We have a lease with EOG and have had for one year. We don’t live in Texas, so we don’t really know what’s going on. The survey was done last year. Our property is in the Naylor Jones subdivision area. How do I find out if they are drilling yet?

call either the landman that handled the lease with you or call EOG…I signed some leases in that area about a year ago and none have started drilling yet. I checked on them last month…good luck!

Look at the Texas Railroad Commission website:

Click on "McMullen County" and look to see if your lessee, "EOG" (type that in, too, where indicated), has applied for a Drilling Permit for your property. (They need to apply for a Drilling Permit before they can begin drilling....) Good luck!