Mclean Co. No. Dakota

Does anybody out there have mineral rights in Mclean Co. If so I’d like to here from you.

Yes, I do have mineral rights in McLean co. What would you like to know?

I also have mineral rights in McLean co. and Divide co. but I think my family and I are getting ripped off. Becky do you live in ND?

Hi Jennifer, I’m John Olson the one who asked the question about mineral rights owners in Mclean Co. Have you been aproched to lease your rights in that county? I was told we were to far east. We are at township 150 range 87 sec. 6. You can E-mail me at to respond and talk. Thanks, John Olson

Hi Jennifer, To answer your question I do not live in ND. Do you??? I do have mineral rights in McLean co. But I have not been contacted by anyone yet. Still waiting…Please let me know how things turn out for you and if leasing is picking up in that location.

John and Becky- I am so sorry, I feel like such a tool.! Our mineral rights are in McKenzie co. not McLean. And no I do not live in ND so unfortuntly I must go with they say. Sorry for the confusion,